Printed and clipped coupons are fraternal twins. They are the same basic concept, but with enough key differences that you can’t say they’re the same thing. Many stores treat printed coupons and clipped coupons differently at the register, meaning you’ll have to remember two separate sets of rules while shopping. But which coupon is better to use?

Printed coupons tend to have a better coupon value, $1 off instead of 50 cents for example. While there can be high-value coupons in newspapers, the best coupons for value are almost exclusively found online. Coupons found on manufacturer’s websites tend to be the highest. But when you find that high value coupon, you might be limited to printing only one of them. When you find a high value coupon in the newspaper, getting more copies is as easy as buying more papers.

Of course since we have to buy the papers, we have to weigh the cost of the newspaper against the cost of the printer ink and paper for printed coupons. Clipped coupons are only available in Sunday papers, while printed coupons are available anytime you want to access them.

The best coupon strategy combines both of these methods, but it really comes down to how many coupons you will actually be using. If you plan on having a couple of coupons for the basic things you need, printing might save you time and money. If you plan on using a large stack of coupons to stock up for a big family, the newspaper gives you more coupons for effort.